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Genya Ravan : Back Better Than Ever!!!

Genya Ravan is an unsung

hero in Rock n Roll.  This record will

blow your mind!

Maybe you remember her from

10 Wheel Drive or her records

in the 1980's.

For God's sake! She was

Goldie of Goldie and the Ginger

Breads-the first all girls rock

band in America!

Once I put "UnderCover" in the

CD player I didn't take it off for

months. This chick can sing

and more importantly she

knows what to sing sbout. Let's

get her in the Rock N Roll Hall

of Fame!

Genya Ravan just sold out the Iridium in NYC and rocked the

house down at Record Collector in Bordentown NJ. Her mini tour is

proving to be success. Rock and Roll. People are loving it. Her fans

are also bringing their vinyls for her to sign. Also buying her newer


Stana Katic  Meets  Genya Ravan 2012



Castle star, Stana Katic portrays Genya's character in the new feature film, ‘CBGBs’ scheduled for a 2013 release

      About The  'Cheesecake Girl' 


Genya  appears on the posthumous Joey Ramone release,

‘New York City’,  

Photo:  Stacium /Ramone/Ravan



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