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              A Musical

       'Rock and Roll Refuge'

     Based on  Genya's Autobiography                  'Lollipop   Lounge'

    HOT! HOT! HOT!   

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Genya's Autobiography  Lollipop Lounge Memoirs

of a Rock and Roll Refuge 

available now!


An ode to 'Women Who Rock'

In 2011 The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum  included

Goldie and the Gingerbreads in their Women in

Music exhibit and she began work on her latest

CD, Cheesecake Girl, a collection of mostly

original material based on her Autobiography

Lollipop Lounge.

Today, she is working with an admirer of her

efforts, Steven Van Zandt (Bruce Springsteen/

Soprano’s) as a DJ for Little Steven’s Underground

Garage on Sirius/XM; her show“Chicks and

Broads” in which she covers the often forgotten

music of female artists from the 50’s to the

present, as well as “Goldie’s Garage” in which

she continues her long career of

showcasing new and

unsigned bands.

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Revised edition available NOW

Here is a track from last      CD 'Cheesecake Girl'

             LETS GET JACK

"Took Helen To A Club On Clinton Street , Now I'd Give Up My Soul If They Didnt Meet, I'm Blamin My Self Cuz They Got It On, If I Didn't Take Her There  She Wouldn't A Met Dat Bum"

Ten Wheel Drive / Genya
Ravan Pepsi Commercial
Finally after a long wait....1979
I got my two  of  my FAVORITE records back  from the record companies.                                                ...


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