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New sign of life from a wrongly forgotten rock pioneer. Stones, Kinks, Who, Lou Reed, Blondie, Zappa, Ronnie Spector - this woman

shared the stage with them all. She even had fought a vocal battle with legendary Janis Joplin, and by the way: she won. After the 60s,

when Genya was talk of the town in England for a short time with Goldie & The Gingerbreads, the first-ever purely female band line up,

she returned to New York in the early 70s to run jazzrockers Ten Wheel Drive. Since 1975 she was the soul of the CBGB's Club, helped

numerous punk and wave acts to take off. And as a solo artist she released two of the shamely most underrated albums ever,

URBAN DESIRE and AND I MEAN IT (both still not available on CD). 1980 she gave up frustrated, switched over to

professional production work and wasn't heard since then - until today. Now finally, 20 years after, the lady starts all over again.

Although FOR FANS ONLY! offers mostly outtakes, live recordings and demos from the late 70s (which are occasionally lofi) it's magnificent.

So the excellent version of the Shel Silverstein original Carry Me Carrie would have deserved to become a big hit then.

The dramatic 202 Rivington Street reaches nearly the height of Ravans killer ballad Shadowboxing, Fleetwood Mac's Rattle Snake Shake

shows the competent rhythm'n'blues shouter and Marvin Gaye's To Keep You Satisfied puts a big tear into every listener's heart. Beside

that there are two brandnew songs:: Reconsider, a charming duett with Joe Droukas, her partner in crime from the old days, und Chip Taylors

Take Me For A Little While. Who needs Tina Turner anyway? It's highest time to rediscover that woman!



Soul'n'Roll Genya Ravan For Fans Only!


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Review of new CD from German Rock Magazine:

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by Ernst Hofacker

Pictured: John Collins, Ozone, DEVO, B-52's,Talking Heads,Television, Jayne County, Capt. Beefheart, Genya Ravan — with Genya Ravan Official Fan PageBobby ChenGenya RavanCapt. BeefheartTalking HeadsDevoTelevision (band),Michael Eivaz PhotographyB-52's and Jayne County.

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