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Tiny Tim 1983 I produced a 'Disco' version of ' They're Comin To Take Me Away"  originally recorded by Napoleon XIVI had a concept and was wondering who to put on this, and it finally accured to me..TINY TIM..I was right. Wish I had a video of that session at Media Sound Studios on 57th Street NYC He was so easy to work with and listen to direction well. I miss him. He used to call me Ms. Goldie

Customer Reviews


Tiny Tim and Genya Ravan=Great Music 


by Mr. Crawfish

From the little I know, this is a song from the as-of-now unreleased album Tiny recorded in 1982 with a person named Genya Ravan. I've heard my fair share of Tiny Tim, but this song in particular has a hook that keeps me coming back. Hopefully the entire album will be released someday! If this song represents anything, it's that Ravan knew how to work Tiny's voice with a great backing band. I know so little about her, and I am very curious if she ever produced anything for anyone else. Tiny worked with some great guys (Richard Perry, Martin Sharp, and Harve Mann to name a few), but it's always nice to hear his work with other producers! It's a shame that there's probably no commercial value to releasing the entire album, but here's hoping Genya will release it someday! There's at least one fan out there who cares and would buy a copy in a heartbeat! :)


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