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 A song from Cheesecake Girl CD
Stoop To High Heaven
G.Ravan J.Cooper


J. ANTHONY CRANE played Ta Ta my father. He was so amazing as Natan Zelkovich I almost cried. What a great actor he is. 

Ta Ta ( Nathan) forbids Helen to marry Jack. He is drunk and furious and hits her.

Goldie and Helen plotting a secret meeting   with Jack.

From 2015 then called 
CheeseCake Girl 

Above:  Irving ( Joe Goscinski) is asking for Goldies hand in marriage.

Goldie  agrees 'as long as he does not expect sex'.


Lelund played ' Uncle Louie' who was responsible for Goldies  world

he bought her a radio. She also learned how to speak English thru the music.


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